Nariyal Pani Subscription

We are glad to introduce Nariyal Pani / Tender coconut subscription for our regular customers.

1. Min order is 2 units of Nariyal per delivery. It can go higher as per customer requirement.

2. Frequency of deliveries can be daily or alternate days

3. Its pre-paid. that is you need to pre-pay and we will freeze price for you, if the price increases, you get benefit of lower, price if it reduces, you will get benefit by way of wallet credit for difference

4. We can do a trial (min of 14 deliveries) before deciding if you want to continue. this money is non refundable for trial. after trail, the cancellation can be done and whatever is the difference amount it shall be added to customer wallet.

5. Nariyal pani size is small to medium as advertised in the application For Enquires / booking your subscription Click here or drop a whatsapp message on 9222-55-88-99

Coconut Opener Free on 1 month's Subscription