About Us

Food Wastage

What if we tell you that India wastes 40% of the food it grows. Does it pain you? Well, that's the reality.   

Reimagine Food Distribution Value Chain

We are a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs who have taken up this enormous challenge of reducing the food which India wastes on a daily basis due to inefficiencies in the distribution channels. We are starting this journey by working in the perishables of Vegetables and Fruits. We will soon get into other verticals like Dairy products, Food grains like Wheat, rice, pulses as well.


We work on the farm to fork model by tying up with farmers directly, creating distribution channels in the hub-spoke methodology and then finally delivering to end customers. We ensure that the product delivered at your doorstep is squeaky  fresh and is of A1 quality.

We also provide groceries, kitchen essentials, dairy products as well for which we work as a part of the more traditional modern retail supply chain.


The brand name BookMySabzi is wholly owned by Ezipik Services Pvt. Ltd, a technology startup based out of Mumbai, founded in 2020 by technocrats from the Financial Technology, logistics and agriculture industries. Contact us at connect@bookmysabzi.com